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Unbiased by a software engineer. in details.

We all know how the big tech companies collect as many data as possible about us and how hard it is to escape their surveillance. This browser is a private browser out of the box. Which is ideal for people who don’t like configuring a lot of settings, and still want to be private.

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Explained in details which are easy to understand

The goal of linear regression to find a relationship between features, then using this to predict the future, with the assumption of an existing linear correlation.

Exploratory data analysis

For this example, we will use the following dataset.

x = [5, 4, 3, 6, 8, 1, 9, 2, 7]
y = [10, 9, 6, 14, 14, 2, 17, 5, 13]

Just by looking at the data, we could guess if there a linear trend. To make sure our assumptions are correct, we need to confirm it with a graph. Doing this will also give us a better feeling of how the data looks.

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(E.1) Screenshot next word prediction

We have all seen the word predictor of our mobile keyboards and pressing on the next prediction until it creates a ridiculous story. But how do they work and how do we create one ourselves with Python & Numpy.

Arjan de Haan

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